Learning More About Gods Unchained

There are a lot of blockchain trading card games in the market. Out of these many trading card games based on the blockchain, nothing is as enjoyable Gods Unchained. The game was developed in the summer of 2018 and is now in full release. The Ethereum blockchain supports the game. On this chain, players are given freedom of ownership as they sell, buy, and trade cards as if they were real cards.

The initial introduction of the game was through MacOS and Windows with the use of desktop and laptop computers. In the coming years, technology will be available for a mobile device, VR, and tablet use. Start playing the game by securing packs of cards. When you buy hundreds of these packs, you will get more chances to access unique cards. Find out for further details on Blockchain Game Gods Unchained  right here.

The current count of game cards sold out is over one million. Over one hundred artists have come together and collaborated with Gods Unchained to create their graphic arts. Recently, there are only 550 card designs, and more are to come in the future. You can buy cards using your browser. However, you may have to download the game as an application.

Each pack of Gods Unchained cards you buy, you get 5 Genesis cards. For every card you get, you can expect each to be their own crypto-collectible Ethereum ERC721 token. The Ethereum blockchain stores all of your cards. Interacting with the network is all it takes for you to buy new cards or transfer the ones that are already present. Take a look at this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaming for more information.

In terms of gameplay, each game is a 1 vs. 1 battle against another computer or player. The aim of the game is to reduce to zero the life of your opponent. You can begin building car decks with the use of your card collections. For the game to begin, ensure to choose a God from your cards that you play with at the start of every match. A deck comprises thirty cards. Each player makes their moves by taking turns. Every player must begin with mana and drawing cards. You can only play your cards when you use your many. Your cards come in the form of creatures, weapons, spells, or unique God cards. You can also access a God Power. You can only use your power once in every turn. Meanwhile, Ultimates are something you can only use once every game.

Access the mana cost of each of your card by looking at the top left portion of it. For creature cards, what you get in the lower corners are green and yellow gems. In the yellow gem, the number corresponds to the attack damage you can make on your opponent. To know the health levels of your creature, check out the number found on the green gem. It shows how much damage your creature can take before your opponent destroys it.