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Things Worth Noting About Gods Unchained

The potential of cryptocurrency is promising. There are many things that you can do through this type of currency. A blockchain is responsible for every purchase made on digital currencies. You can expect the same scenario with blockchain games. Today, many blockchain games are taking the world by storm. Despite the fact that you do not find a lot of blockchain games just yet, some of these games provide you with all the excitement and thrill that you look for in a game.

If you are a fan of trading card games, you should consider checking out the blockchain-based game, Gods Unchained. After all the development the game was through in 2018, it finally launched during the first quarter of this year. The Ethereum blockchain powers the game, making players do selling and trading of their cards freely. Gods Unchained trading cards work just like your traditional cards in terms of ownership.

You can play Gods Unchained when you have a desktop or laptop computer running on Windows or MacOS operating systems. Once the company can do the necessary upgrades, you can play them on your tablets, VR, and mobile devices. To play the game, you have to create your deck. To create a deck, you have to buy packs of cards. As a player, you can access unique cards from the pack of cards you buy. All players get this opportunity to win these unique cards.

There are more than a hundred artists who have contributed to the graphics found on each Gods Unchained card. On a worldwide scale, many people have purchased these cards, amounting to over a million of sold cards. When it comes to the design of these cards, there are 550 to choose. As the months and years approach, you will see more designs. You can buy these cards using your browser, but you can play the game by downloading the app.

If you buy a pack of Gods Unchained cards, you will get give cards to be exact with their uniquely encrypted ERC721 token equivalent from Ethereum. The Ethereum blockchain houses all of these game cards. You may use this chain if you are buying new cards or if you are thinking of transferring your current cards. Please click this link for more info.

You play the game one on one with another player or computer. You can win the game if you reduce to zero the life of your opponent using your cards. You need to select a God from your cards to start the game. A complete deck comprises thirty cards. You play the game by taking turns with your opponent. You require a drawing card and a mana card in order to play the game. Cards in Gods Unchained can range from special God cards to weapons, spells, and creatures. You may only utilize God power once every turn. Moreover, for each game, you can only use Ultimates once.